Smart home is full of imagination and still faces four problems

Release time:2023-08-08 09:39:06

1. Unable to grasp customer needs. The first point is naturally a question of demand. Just like what the editor said before, what everyone needs is the kind of experience described in the promotional video. However, most of the current smart homes are hyped by merchants, so naturally they cannot reach that level. Basically, it can only be regarded as a toy when you buy it, and it is not even a toy. It will only be left in the corner for everyone to eat ashes. In this case, the problem is that it can be popularized.

2. Technology is messy. The second is that the technology of smart home products is messy. There is no unified agreement, or guidelines, and the market is very chaotic. Every household device, gateway communication protocol, management platform framework, background framework, etc. are all different. It must be too early to talk about popularization.

3. Equipment price. There is also the price, not to mention the kind of smart appliances, just take the smart light bulb as an example, the average price of a smart light bulb is about 200 yuan, if all the rooms in the home use smart light bulbs, then it is not a small expense, but If you want to satisfy the effect of the promotional film, even if you can achieve such an effect, I am afraid it will cost astronomical figures. Therefore, even if the current technology is very advanced, not everyone can afford it.

4. Stability issues. The other is the issue of stability. The reason why many users are waiting and watching is because they still have a certain resistance to new things, or they don’t trust them, because no one knows what problems will arise in the stability of this new thing. If there is a safety hazard, the loss outweighs the gain.

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