The quality of the switch socket determines its safety

Release time:2023-07-20 15:46:04

In a narrow sense, a wall switch refers to a switch, but it actually refers to a large area of ​​wall switches and wall sockets. There are mechanical type, intelligent type, flat type and rocker type.  
 1) Computer sockets are also called network sockets, network cable sockets, broadband sockets and network panels. The network is separate from the phone, so there is an integrated phone and computer outlet; the other is separate from the cable TV, so there is a TV and computer integrated outlet.  
 2) Telephone socket
 3) TV socket, also known as TV socket, TV panel, cable socket
 4) Air conditioner socket, also known as 16A socket, because the current of general socket is 10A, and the current of air conditioner socket is 16A
 5) 118 socket is horizontal Rectangular, 120 sockets are vertical rectangles, 86 sockets are square. The 118 slots are usually divided into one, two, three and four slots. The 86 socket is usually a five-hole socket, or a socket with more than five holes, or a socket with five holes.

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